Micro House

A growing awareness of our wasteful use of resources and the social implications of suburban living has led many planners and architects to encourage the increase of density. Increasing gas prices, a stressed economy, and an increasing demand for housing for one or two person households is causing a popular culture shift toward a more urban lifestyle. Sprawling tracks of suburban housing have become outdated. A flexible solution is needed to revamp our suburban track housing to accommodate these trends while maintaining livability.


Micro House is an exploration of compact deployable design that can grow and shrink to accommodate the current needs of the owner. The house would ideally be available locally to suburban tracks through stores such as Home Depot or Lowes, which typically are located every 5 to 15 miles from each other in the suburban sprawl of Southern California. The house is made of one to three units, each which would ship at 10’x10’x8.5’. Once on the site, each unit expands in a pinwheel fashion by rotating the walls of the original 10’x10’ footprint 45 degrees.